Raising our children

By Suzanne Rent


Everyone loves a party, right? Well, Our Children is planning a big party for this fall and we’d like to invite you.

On Saturday, September 24, we host Raising Our Children: An Expo for Parents at Basinview Drive Community School in Bedford. Here you will have a chance to check out dozens of exhibitors and what products and services they have to offer. Each exhibitor will also have a hands-on activity you and your kids can take part in. 

We also have a few surprises planned. I love getting to meet our readers and their families in person. When you see me there, be sure to say hello. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the event and the magazine. 

If your business or organization would like to book a table for Raising Our Children, email the address below and we can send out more detailed information. 

We will have an online sign-up sheet available for anyone wanting to attend. There will be  two sessions (noon to 2 p.m. and 2 p.m. and  4 p.m.). Watch our Facebook page for more details.

Also in this issue, contributor Katie Ingram shares some advice from parents and teachers on how to handle homework. It’s that time of year again, and after the hot summer months, many of us forget the routine of homework and what it means for our children’s studies. 

Also, we learn about a unique project in Dartmouth that has kids in that community learning how to take care of bees. But this project is about more than producing honey. 

And our latest student correspondents, Amelia and Ian from St. Catherine’s Elementary share the story of Syrian children who arrived in Canada as refugees. It’s an inspiring look at how these children are learning a new culture and school environment, and how we can help welcome them to Canada.To all the parents of students in Grade Primary, welcome to class and our magazine. We hope you follow along with us and share in the parenting advice we provide in each issue. Perhaps we will connect with some of you in person at Raising Our Children on September 24. 

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