If You Could Wear My Sneakers

Poems by Sheree Fitch Illustrations by Darcia Labrosse Nimbus Publishing Ages 3–7 Originally commissioned by UNICEF Canada, this 20th anniversary edition contains whimsical, tongue-twister poems by acclaimed children’s poet and author Sheree Fitch. In her signature style, she creatively explores 15 of the 54 articles from the 1989 United Nations Conventions on the Rights of […]


Sea Glass Summer

Story and illustrations by Heidi Jardine Stoddart Nimbus Publishing Ages 4–8 Molly’s favourite place is her Gram’s cottage by the sea. They enjoy spending time together collecting sea glass and breathing in the salty ocean air. Then one day a moving truck appears, and Molly moves away from her Gram. Accompanied by vibrant illustrations, this […]


My Two Grandmothers

Story by Diane Carmel Léger Illustrations by Jean-Luc Trudel Nimbus Publishing Ages 4–8 No two grandmothers are alike, except when it comes to their love for their grandchildren. This story follows six grandchildren in the 1960s as they compare and contrast their visits with their grandmothers Mémére and Nannie. They are as different as can […]


The Fox and the Fisherman

Story and illustrations by Marianne Dumas Nimbus Publishing Ages 4–8 This heartwarming story follows the mundane life of a lonely fisher named Barnaby. Each day he does the same thing, goes out in his small fishing boat to catch one measly fish. When all seems hopeless, he sparks an unlikely friendship with a fox and […]


Parent’s Pick: ParentSpeak

By Jennifer Lehr Workman Publishing “Good job!” “Give Grandma a kiss!” “Can you say, ‘Thank You’?” These are some of the most common, seemingly innocuous phrases we say to our children each day to encourage good behaviour. Although we have the best intentions at heart, what if the reflexive language we use contradicts the message […]


Parent’s Pick: The Pregnant Pause

By Jane Doucet All My Words Publishing For some women, the choice of whether to have children or not is easy—for others, it’s riddled with indecision. As her 37th birthday approaches, Rose Ainsworth is suddenly struck with baby fever and forced to consider if she wants to have children. The fact her friends, family, and […]


Lasso the Wind

Story by George Elliott Clarke Illustrations by Susan Tooke Nimbus Publishing As the first collection of children’s poetry by renowned poet and playwright George Elliott Clarke, Lasso the Wind is sure to enrich the minds of its readers. Using absurd, witty and profound metaphors, each poem examines topics of freedom, the natural world and growing […]


The Walking Bathroom

Story by Shauntay Grant Illustrations by Erin Bennett Banks Nimbus Publishing For a book filled with princesses, witches, ghosts and fairies, this Halloween-themed story is not of a spooky nature. The Walking Bathroom is a heartwarming tale of standing out and fitting in. Shauntay Grant, an award-winning author and spoken-word poet, easily delivers this message […]


The Little Tree by the Sea

Story by John DeMont Illustrations by Belle DeMont MacIntyre Purcell Publishing Just in time for the 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion, The Little Tree by the Sea tells the history of the ships that collided in the Halifax Harbour on December 6, 1917. Although a heavy topic for children, the story is told from […]


Parent’s Pick: Breathe Mama Breathe

by Shonda Moralis The Experiment Publishing If ever there was a book every mom should read, this book is it! Whether you’re just starting out and getting the hang of breastfeeding, or beginning to question your math skills as you help your kids with their homework, every busy mama could use a mindful break. Psychotherapist […]

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