Building a better break

Here are our choices for some of the best March break options in HRM By Katie Ingram Between the holiday season and summer vacation is another magical time of year: March break. While the break does come with a vacation from tests, quizzes, and projects, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do. Halifax has an […]

Adding a holistic element to your child’s care

There’s plenty to consider before deciding non-conventional medicine is right for your child By Kim Hart Macneill Since birth, Chris Benjamin’s son Dylan suffered from chronic ear infections. By age four, his doctor suggested surgically inserting tubes into the child’s ears to avoid the infections. Benjamin wanted to relieve his son’s pain, but he had […]


Ten tips for flying with kids

By Helen Earley   The captain announces you’ve reached a cruising altitude of 30,000 feet, but nothing about this flight feels cruise-like. Your toddler is crying, reason unknown, and your 6-year-old just spilled apple juice all over the seat cushion.  Don’t panic. Politely ask the flight attendant for a blanket, or even a new seat […]

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