Eva and Me

By Eva Purcell-MacIntyre and John MacIntyre
MacIntyre Purcell Publishing

A generation ago, Eva’s story would have been almost unheard of, but it’s becoming a more common one. From an orphanage in Guongdong, China, she made a 13,000-kilometre journey to her new home: a fishing village on Nova Scotia’s South Shore. Jammed with family photos, Eva and Me is a deeply personal story by Eva and her new father, sharing her journey. They explore how John and his wife came to discover Eva in a Dickensian Chinese orphanage, the emergence of her vibrant personality, as she settled into a new life, and her experiences growing up as a Canadian child and discovering her identity. Now 12 years old, Eva shares her story with grace and maturity—this is like getting to read a family’s personal journal.