A love of learning

By Suzanne Rent

The last year of school was an exciting one for Our Children and me. I got out from behind my desk and connected with kids through a number of programs.

It all began with our student correspondent column, which started the spring of 2014. That program got people talking and asking about other ways that we could mentor children. 

Earlier this year, I started working with several kids at John Martin Junior High in Dartmouth, teaching them journalism basics. We talked about writing, editing, headlines, proofreading and interviewing. We even had a few community leaders come in so the students could interview them. It was great fun and an even greater learning experience. 

During the last couple of months of the school year, I visited classrooms, talking to kids about my job. But the real purpose was to show them how writing and editing is a real-world skill. We talked about what makes a good story, how to structure your writing and the best questions to ask in interviews. Some of the students interviewed each other or their teachers. 

Starting this October, I will also be working with a group of students in a homework club organized by Frontier College, a national literacy organization. Like with the students I work with at John Martin, I hope to have them share the stories of their community using their new reporting skills.

We are continuing with our student correspondent program, which has been a bigger success than I imagined. I will be looking for students to write for our winter and spring issues. If you know of an elementary-aged student who is a good fit, send me an email.

I look forward to learning with you all this school year!