Oak Island and the Search for Buried Treasure

By Joann Hamilton-Barry
Nimbus Publishing
Ages 8–12

Oak Island, on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, seems to capture the imagination of everyone who visits it, and Joanne Hamilton-Barry does an excellent job exploring why that is. Channeling a 30-year fascination with the island, Hamilton-Barry plumbs its historic mystery: what is buried deep in its notorious Money Pit? With careful research and sticking closely to the facts, she delves into 200 years of rumours and tall tales. Did the infamous pirate Blackbeard hide his booty here? Beneath the booby traps, will explorers find the Holy Grail? (As one of the wilder theories purports). A librarian by trade, Hamilton-Barry is a careful researcher, which makes her the perfect person to write this informative book. She carefully separates fact and theory, weaving a tale to enthrall young history buffs.