First Bell: Fall 2016

By Our Children

A mind-blowing experience at the new Discovery Centre

When the new Discovery Centre opens soon on the Halifax Waterfront, visitors will get the chance to see the first Immersive Dome Theatre in Atlantic Canada. Offering a completely new and captivating experience, the Dome is part theatre, part planetarium. Visitors will enjoy a digital, 180-degree, fully immersible experience. It will transport them from the bottom of the ocean to the inside of a human cell. From the outer reaches of space to the furthest corners of the world. Take a sneak peak of this impressive structure online at and follow the new Centre’s progress as it prepares to open in early 2017.

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Bent into shape

Yoga in Schools is a new movement in schools. Taught by teachers, it’s being brought to life by the students. 

There are eight piloted programs: Elementary & Secondary Yoga Posters, Yoga for Autism, Yoga for Special Needs, Yoga Grade 11, Mindfulness and Girl on Fire Empowerment. Yoga in Schools is uplifting the lives of more than 50,000 children and more than 400 teachers every day across Canada. 

These programs help students to cultivate life skills for effectively managing stress, mental health concerns, self-regulation, intimate relationships, and mind/body health.

Award-winning educators Jenny Kierstead and Blair Abbass pioneered Yoga in Schools. For quick tips, videos, and lesson plans, go to

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The power of haskap

Each packet of the Haskap Powder contains more than 600 haskap berries in a vibrant purple powder that’s high in polyphenols, made from the delicious haskap berry. 

Each packet of the Chia & Haskap Powder contains more than 180 haskap berries. An exclusive blend of mineral-rich Chia and vibrant purple haskap berries.

Both are powdered using a unique drying process that maintains 94 per cent of the berry’s healthy bioactive compounds. The powders retain vital nutrients and flavours of the fresh berries.

Great in smoothies, yogurt and cereal. 


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Not so roughing it

Get lost and find beautiful with an East Coast Glamping authentic luxury camping experience. Don’t let the hustle and bustle of back-to-school stop you from grabbing a few more adventures in star-gazing.

East Coast Glamping offers safari-style tents with other comforts that will keep you warm at night. Double-wall canvas tents have extra insulation to hold in the heat during autumn evenings. Glampers gets a hot flask of coffee, selection of teas, and hot chocolate. You can also order a camp-inspired dessert from the Glampers’ Grub Menu.

Learn more at

Run for fun and Feed Nova Scotia

On October 16, the Canada Games Centre hosts its annual CGC Food Run in support of Feed Nova Scotia. The event celebrates community, healthy living, and physical literacy. It also focuses on participation, enjoyment, and encouraging participants to move at their own pace.

This free community festival features bouncy castles, community groups, a physical literacy play zone, and more. Last year, CGC collected more than 3,000 kg of food and $2,400 in cash donations, making it the biggest bite against hunger yet.

Registration is free with food or cash donation and includes race entry, race kit, t-shirt, and snacks. Register at


Safe on the bus

School Bus Safety Week, which runs from October 17 to 21, offers an opportunity to share important safety reminders with students, families and, motorists. Safety Services Nova Scotia and the Nova Scotia School Boards Association will work with school boards and law enforcement to promote school bus safety through a variety of events, social media activity, information at schools, and the student video contest. The goals are to reduce the number of violations, and to get people talking about this very serious issue in their communities. 

School bus red light violations continue to be a serious concern, with motorists passing stopped school buses when they are picking up or dropping off students. It is illegal to pass a school bus that is stopped with red lights flashing and the stop sign arm extended. During the 2015–2016 school year, there were more than 1,600 school bus red light violations in Nova Scotia. 

The annual student video contest is part of this safety promotion with three age categories, including one for elementary students. Students can submit videos that demonstrate school bus safety, and the importance of stopping for red lights on school buses. The deadline is November 19.