Parent’s Pick: Stolen Child

By Laurie Gough
Dundurn Press

An accomplished travel writer and regular contributor to the Globe and Mail, Gough enters her own terra incognita with this non-fiction account of her family’s struggle with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). It began when her father died. The news blindsided her 10-year-old son, Quinn. Over a few months, he morphed from a curious and athletic boy into someone his mother didn’t know. He’d fall into deep trances, withdrawn from his parents and the world around him. He became fixated on the notion that with the right rituals, he could resurrect his grandfather. With gentle candour, Gough shares Quinn’s descent and her desperate fight to help him. This book doesn’t claim to tell you all there is about OCD or offer you a silver-bullet cure. It’s a simple, honest, and ultimately hopeful and uplifting account of one terrible year in a family’s life, and their recovery from it.