Anna at the Art Museum

Story by Hazel Hutchins & Gail Herbert
Illustrations by Lil Crump
Ages 4-7

Making a connection between life and art is a challenge for Anna. She accompanies her mother to an art museum and quickly feels surrounded by things that are “old and boring.” Anna tries to entertain herself but is thwarted by the museum attendant. Anna’s mother reinforces a list of rules, and after a few more mishaps, Anna longs to leave. It isn’t until she passes through a half-open door and sees the painting of a young girl also looking bored that Anna understands how art imitates life. Inspired, Anna lingers in the museum, relating to the masterpieces. This book fosters an appreciation of fine art and includes illustrations of many historical paintings. Additional information is included in an index, offering kids an opportunity to develop their own connection to works of art.

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