Mondays with Nonna

Story by Olga Manzoni
Illustrations by Luisa Grottker
Ages 5 to 8

Does dreading Monday dampen your family’s weekend joy? In this “children’s book for adults first,” everyone is encouraged to set worry aside and embrace a new day by choosing a happy outlook. Anticipating exciting possibilities helps James and Nonna look forward to the time they spend together each Monday. Whimsical illustrations give life to the message of turning Mondays into a day to love. The author incorporates her “French-Canadian-Italian-Maritimer” heritage by sprinkling French and Italian words throughout the text with Nonna’s habit of saying “things three times.” This story highlights a grandparent and child’s special bond and the impact of maintaining a positive attitude. If parents and kids are feeling apprehensive as Monday morning looms, this story offers an alternative approach.

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