Seaside Treasures

By Sarah Grindler
Nimbus Publishing
Ages 4 to 8

This interactive guidebook showcases a myriad of treasures found at the beach. Starfish, sand dollars, and sea urchins are scattered about, and little beachcombers are encouraged to “make sure there is no one home” before scooping up shells. An array of sea glass is illustrated in vibrant hues with helpful hints on rarity and origin. For example, some pieces of purple sea glass were transformed by the sun. Ancient artifacts occasionally dot the shores on both the west and east coasts of Canada, giving flight to imagined pirates. Budding treasure hunters are prompted to care for the environment as they sort out trash from treasure among the surprises yielded from the ocean’s shore. Creativity and exploration are spurred on with simple text and vivid illustrations, encouraging kids to head outside into the salt air to find their own collection of seaside treasures.

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