Sid the Kid and the Dryer

Story by Lesley Choyce, art by Brenda Jones
Nimbus Publishing
Ages 4–8

The story about a young Sidney Crosby practising his shot in his family’s Cole Harbour basement, spending endless hours dinging pucks off a battered washing machine, is already local legend. You can even visit the city’s most famous Whirlpool, now a cherished artifact at the Nova Scotia Sports Hall of Fame downtown. With this new book, acclaimed local writer Lesley Choyce imagines how those practice sessions might have unfolded, the bond that unfolds between the young boy and the sentient appliance that just wants to see him succeed. Even kids who aren’t into hockey will enjoy learning about this local hero, with his useful lesson: “My mistakes are OK … Every time you miss, you’re reminded to keep at it and get better.”

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