Light in the Forest

Light in the Forest

By Holly Carr
Plumleaf Press

Light in the Forest is deceptively simple. Silkscreen artist Holly Carr translates one of her elegant, evocative murals into a book and the result is a simple yet so-often-forgotten message of hope. Carr’s work gets its power in its authenticity, in this case a candid expression of a mother’s love. “Years ago, when our son was young, he had many fears,” she explains in the afterword. “At night these fears would keep him awake. Because he loved animals and nature, I was inspired to create Light in the Forest to help him overcome his anxieties and fears. Using his beloved animals and the forest, I wanted to remind him to always look for the light.” This is a fine heirloom book for a young child or an excellent addition to a parent’s art-book collection.

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