Peeoh PaTANG!

By Michelle Thornhill
Readosaurus Press
Ages 5–8

When Zorgan the alien vacations on earth, he faces one misunderstanding after another. He has to learn to communicate with the locals, so he innocently signs up for a language-arts class, not realizing he’ll be studying poetry. The vivid, energetic illustrations evoke the spirit of Richard Scarry and perfectly capture the ensuing mayhem. Young readers will laugh themselves hoarse at nonsense poetry like “Boing! Er er rrr. OooOOOoooo. Pop. Nnnnnnnnnneep. Zzzzzzooop-a-dooby nerg. Zoink!” An all-around fun book by Dartmouth author and educator Michelle Thornhill.

Read the full Spring 2021 issue of Our Children for free.

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