Screech! Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

Review by Trevor J. Adams

By Charis Cotter

Art by Genevieve Simms

Nimbus Publishing

Ages 8 to 12

If you come from a Newfoundland family with strong storytelling traditions (and is there any other kind?), the tales in this collection will have a familiar ring. With spooky stories like “A Visit from the Old Hag,” “The Blueberry Ghost,” and “Alone on the Barrens,” author Charis Cotter reimagines the Rock’s traditional tales, introducing a new generation of readers to centuries-old lore. Genevieve Simms’s moody black and white illustrations complete the supernatural vibe. The book even includes an overview of Newfoundland’s storytelling tradition, and tips for new storytellers—an ideal pre-Halloween read. 

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