Birthday party snacks can be awesome, and healthy

Five ways to reduce the sugar spirals and keep the party hopping  By Karen Kerr, registered holistic nutritional constant Kids love their birthdays. My daughter starts planning her party months in advance. In a child’s little lifetime, it’s a big deal and worth the time and energy it takes us to plan, organize, shop, set […]

Booster shot

Give your child’s immune system a boost of good nutrition this winter By Karen Kerr, registered holistic nutritional consultant For the last 18 months, we’ve heard a lot about vaccines, masking and social distancing, and for good reason. There has been less — and in some cases, confusing — information on the importance of nutrition.  […]

Lunch Box Lessons

Pack in the life-skills By Karen Kerr, Registered Holistic Nutritional Consultant Happy Back to School to all of you tired and frazzled parents. Summer is a glorious time of year, but it can often be hectic with planning activities, extra laundry and kids being off their normal schedules.  I look forward to the beginning of […]

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