First Bell: Fall 2021

By Trevor Adams Halifax Mooseheads After two pandemic-ravaged seasons, the hometown hockey heroes return to Scotiabank Centre for what players and fans alike hope will be a return to normal play. Highlights to put in your calendar include the home opener against Cape Breton on Oct. 2, the first visit in almost a year and […]

Screech! Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

Review by Trevor J. Adams By Charis Cotter Art by Genevieve Simms Nimbus Publishing Ages 8 to 12 If you come from a Newfoundland family with strong storytelling traditions (and is there any other kind?), the tales in this collection will have a familiar ring. With spooky stories like “A Visit from the Old Hag,” […]

Parent’s Pick: Life After COVID-19

Review by Trevor J. Adams By Bob Gordon Banovallum Books For parents pondering what a post-COVID world will look like for their children, this book is a useful primer. Author Bob Gordon looks at our past—from the Black Death to 20th-century scourges like the Spanish flu and Ebola—to paint a picture of what awaits us […]

Genny Faces the Green Knight

By Darrel GregoryIllustrated by Lizette DuvenageFriesen PressAge 5 to 8 The first book in the Genny and Bug’s Big Adventures series, this is a fantastical tale of courage, resilience, empathy, and emotional regulation—all useful traits for children to explore, particularly mid-pandemic. Drawing on his vast experience coaching young athletes, author Darrel Gregory strives to create […]

Who is Ana Dalt?

By B.D. CottlestonIllustrated by Marcin PiwowarskiFlowerpot PressAge 5 to 8 Kids learn early that life is full of inexplicable rules, age an arbitrary barrier to their hedonistic pursuits. In this quirky, clever story, our young protagonist wonders about the oft-evoked and never seen person who enjoys so many privileges. “Why are some things just for […]

Ancient Black Civilizations Matter

By Procopius CanningPerusine PressAge 8 to 12 “Sort of like Wakanda, only real!” promises this book, sharing the true-life stories of ancient Black civilizations. Young readers will discover the ancient kingdom of Numidia and King Jugurtha, who battled the Roman empire to a standstill. They’ll learn about ancient sub-Saharan Africa, where wild beasts were collected […]

First Bell: Spring 2021

Hockey is back (sort of) This season has been a moving target for hockey fans. Not long after the last issue of Our Children published, the second wave of COVID-19 hit Nova Scotia, forcing the Quebec Major Junior Hockey League and the hometown Halifax Mooseheads to suspend play. In late January, play was resuming for the Nova […]

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