‘Let’s play outside!’

Book your next playdate with nature By Fawn Logan-Young This summer, I’m challenging parents to take their kids’ COVID-safe playdates outside.  Spending time outdoors has many benefits. Research shows that outdoor play helps children develop muscle strength, build self-confidence and learn problem-solving skills, not to mention one of parents’ favourite benefits: kids are sleepier at […]

Culture not costume

Dress-up do’s and dont’s for Halloween By Fawn Logan-Young Cultural appropriation. You may have heard the term before, but have you thought about your own complacency? In our homes, it is easy for some to maneuver around social politics. However, there is one time of year during which we should all be hyper-aware of cultural […]

Keep wellness simple: reimagining the health of girls

The healthy messages all girls need to hear By Fawn Logan Young A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with Halifax Regional Municipality Recreation to facilitate a few sessions at an afterschool program called Fit and Fab. At the time, the Canadian Health Measures Survey from Statistics Canada reported that kids are highly […]

The elephant in the chatroom: cyberviolence

Prepare yourself and your children for the difficult conversations  By Fawn Logan-Young  We hear the term “cyberviolence” more in this age of intensified social media. It refers to online behaviour that can lead to physical, emotional, or psychological harm to the victim’s well-being.  Examples include online bullying, threats, blackmail, hate speech, luring,and non-consensual image sharing. […]

Recreation out of reach

They say the key to enjoying winter is to embrace the outdoors—for many Nova Scotian families, that’s an unaffordable luxury by Fawn Logan-Young Picture a snowy Saturday morning. You and your family just finished breakfast. In your hands, you have that second cup of coffee you told yourself you would not have. You are brainstorming […]

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