Screech! Ghost Stories from Old Newfoundland

Review by Trevor J. Adams By Charis Cotter Art by Genevieve Simms Nimbus Publishing Ages 8 to 12 If you come from a Newfoundland family with strong storytelling traditions (and is there any other kind?), the tales in this collection will have a familiar ring. With spooky stories like “A Visit from the Old Hag,” […]

Parent’s Pick: Life After COVID-19

Review by Trevor J. Adams By Bob Gordon Banovallum Books For parents pondering what a post-COVID world will look like for their children, this book is a useful primer. Author Bob Gordon looks at our past—from the Black Death to 20th-century scourges like the Spanish flu and Ebola—to paint a picture of what awaits us […]

Genny Faces the Green Knight

By Darrel GregoryIllustrated by Lizette DuvenageFriesen PressAge 5 to 8 The first book in the Genny and Bug’s Big Adventures series, this is a fantastical tale of courage, resilience, empathy, and emotional regulation—all useful traits for children to explore, particularly mid-pandemic. Drawing on his vast experience coaching young athletes, author Darrel Gregory strives to create […]

Who is Ana Dalt?

By B.D. CottlestonIllustrated by Marcin PiwowarskiFlowerpot PressAge 5 to 8 Kids learn early that life is full of inexplicable rules, age an arbitrary barrier to their hedonistic pursuits. In this quirky, clever story, our young protagonist wonders about the oft-evoked and never seen person who enjoys so many privileges. “Why are some things just for […]

Ancient Black Civilizations Matter

By Procopius CanningPerusine PressAge 8 to 12 “Sort of like Wakanda, only real!” promises this book, sharing the true-life stories of ancient Black civilizations. Young readers will discover the ancient kingdom of Numidia and King Jugurtha, who battled the Roman empire to a standstill. They’ll learn about ancient sub-Saharan Africa, where wild beasts were collected […]

Peeoh PaTANG!

By Michelle ThornhillReadosaurus PressAges 5–8 When Zorgan the alien vacations on earth, he faces one misunderstanding after another. He has to learn to communicate with the locals, so he innocently signs up for a language-arts class, not realizing he’ll be studying poetry. The vivid, energetic illustrations evoke the spirit of Richard Scarry and perfectly capture […]

Kiwi’s Shopping Adventure

By Shanda CameronIllustrated by Stacy VenoSelf-publishedAges 4–6 Long before her foray into writing children’s books, Shanda Cameron was a veterinary technician, working for 20 years to help animals like the very ones she now writes about. In this sweet little story, she imagines her real dog Kiwi’s trip to the mall with a pack of […]

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