Finding the right book

A love of reading doesn’t always come naturally; sometimes kids need a little help As a parent and book lover, I find it frustrating that my 17-year-old son refuses to read. When he and his sister were little, my husband or I would read them a bedtime story every night, as many parents do. Both […]

The power of orange

Perspective is a powerful thing By Crystal Murray I’ve been thinking about perspective a lot these last few months since learning about the discoveries of the remains of hundreds of Indigenous children on the sites of former Canadian residential schools.  I was driving home from the office on a Friday night, looking forward to an […]

A young Crystal Murray stands at the water's edge in a bathing suit.

Flex the natural athlete in you

Fuel your kids with the wonders of the great outdoors By Crystal Murray It wasn’t the proudest moment of my elementary school track and field day. I was tucked in under the bleachers peeling away curls of blue paint from the bottom of the seats above my head. I could hear my name being called […]

Making the grade

A new school year brings challenges like no other—Our Children is here to help as we learn together By Crystal Murray On the morning of the first day of school, I stopped at an intersection as a school bus passed by. Dozens of little masked faces peered out the windows. I could see the curiosity […]


With so much out of our control, we should make the most of the opportunities we now have For several weeks now, we’ve all been living in uncharted territory: isolation, homeschooling, birthday parties missed, and the grieving of lost loved ones done quietly at home. But through it all we can find light. We’ve also […]

Love is in the air

Comfort and connection start at home By Tracy Stuart It’s hard to ignore the turmoil around the world. The news we see daily can make for a heavy heart. But we have to remember that we can be the difference makers in our homes and in communities. If we shift our focus on acts of […]

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