Finding the right book

A love of reading doesn’t always come naturally; sometimes kids need a little help As a parent and book lover, I find it frustrating that my 17-year-old son refuses to read. When he and his sister were little, my husband or I would read them a bedtime story every night, as many parents do. Both […]

Understanding pronouns

Helping the 2SLGBTQIA+ teen community better express its identity By Lindsey Bunin Photography by Bruce Murray/VisionFire Early in the school year, my junior high-aged son came home from school to proclaim he “has a very rainbow class this year.” I asked him to explain, and he told me all about the various kids he’d had […]

‘The big water hike’

Walking the Pipeline Trail Loop  Story and photography by Trish Joudrey A family adventure means something different for everyone. For some it can be exploring a new trail, climbing over rugged terrain or identifying birds along Nova Scotia’s coastline. For one Dartmouth family, it’s walking the urban wilderness Pipeline Trail just a 15-minute drive outside Halifax. […]

‘Let’s play outside!’

Book your next playdate with nature By Fawn Logan-Young This summer, I’m challenging parents to take their kids’ COVID-safe playdates outside.  Spending time outdoors has many benefits. Research shows that outdoor play helps children develop muscle strength, build self-confidence and learn problem-solving skills, not to mention one of parents’ favourite benefits: kids are sleepier at […]

Birthday party snacks can be awesome, and healthy

Five ways to reduce the sugar spirals and keep the party hopping  By Karen Kerr, registered holistic nutritional constant Kids love their birthdays. My daughter starts planning her party months in advance. In a child’s little lifetime, it’s a big deal and worth the time and energy it takes us to plan, organize, shop, set […]

It’s a pandemic and I’ll party if I want to (safely, of course)

Families find a new normal in all routines, including birthdays By Lindsey BuninPhotos by Bruce Murray/VisionFire Blowing out the candles atop the cake is just one of many birthday party traditions that went by the wayside over the past two years. As the pandemic evolved, so did creative ways of celebrating birthdays. Drive-by parades of […]

Pursuing Passion 

Show your kids there is always something new to learn By Melanie MosherPhotography by Bruce Murray/VisionFire Spring is a time of renewed energy, and often a time for goal setting. When we’re in the weeds of parenting, it’s sometimes difficult to carve out time for our passions, because we’re invested in nurturing our children’s passions. […]

Panicked by the poke

How to talk to your kids about their needle phobia By Ameeta Vohra With in-person learning back this winter and vaccination efforts ramping up, children continue to navigate an uncertain world with COVID-19. Children face heightened anxiety if they have trypanophobia. IWK pediatric-health psychologist Dr. Elizabeth McLaughlin says that this is a common syndrome as […]

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