It’s a pandemic and I’ll party if I want to (safely, of course)

Families find a new normal in all routines, including birthdays By Lindsey BuninPhotos by Bruce Murray/VisionFire Blowing out the candles atop the cake is just one of many birthday party traditions that went by the wayside over the past two years. As the pandemic evolved, so did creative ways of celebrating birthdays. Drive-by parades of […]

Panicked by the poke

How to talk to your kids about their needle phobia By Ameeta Vohra With in-person learning back this winter and vaccination efforts ramping up, children continue to navigate an uncertain world with COVID-19. Children face heightened anxiety if they have trypanophobia. IWK pediatric-health psychologist Dr. Elizabeth McLaughlin says that this is a common syndrome as […]

Parent’s Pick: Life After COVID-19

Review by Trevor J. Adams By Bob Gordon Banovallum Books For parents pondering what a post-COVID world will look like for their children, this book is a useful primer. Author Bob Gordon looks at our past—from the Black Death to 20th-century scourges like the Spanish flu and Ebola—to paint a picture of what awaits us […]

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